The Rebel

Why did I name myself the Defiant Romantic?

My parents might say it’s because I was the rebellious child.  I caused them the most trouble as a teenager.

I say it’s because I was the black sheep.

I like to color outside the lines.

Me, at my day job

Romance has been a part of my life since I can remember.  I always wanted to be swept off my feet.  Defining my knight-in-shining-armor was another issue, but I’ll save that for another time.

Writing romance was more difficult than I thought it would be.  My romance isn’t the fluffy stuff of historical bodice-ripper fame, nor is it the easy-breezy heartbreak stories of Harlequin tradition.  I also don’t do drama in the fashion of Nicholas Sparks.

I’m not saying these don’t have merit- or their place in every romance reader’s lives.  They are on bookstore shelves (or Amazon book lists) for a reason.

I’m saying that being my defiant self, I find it hard to follow rules.  Especially rules that govern my creative processes.

I write genre fiction, but I can’t get away from literary patterns.  I love an intricate plot (again, I can’t stick to one story line- I must have at least three), but I also love description.  My readers must be able to immerse themselves in my stories.

I also love witty dialogue, especially if it keeps the plot moving.  Each character should have their own distinctive voice.  But I also love great narrative; I want to be in the characters’ heads, I want to know their motivations.

Basically, I want it all.

And my readers will be those who want that too.  I hope you will hang around and see what I have in store.  It’s about to be a wild ride.


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