Motherhood & Writing

Mother’s Day was special this year.  It was my first year celebrating with my twins.  It had always been a day to reflect on my transformation as a mother, with my eldest, but it is now at another level adding twin infants in the mix.

Motherhood is a challenge.  Only the strong are up to the task.  You have to be strong physically, emotionally, and mentally.  While I don’t always feel like I fit the bill, life has proven otherwise.  Sometimes Mother Earth knows me better than I know myself.

This Mother’s Day, I also reflected on my various roles.  We all have them- multiple hats we have to pull out at a moment’s notice.  Of all my hats, my Motherhood and Writer hats are my biggest tug-of-war. Though they can clash at times, they also compliment each other.

Motherhood has helped me hone my writing skills.  How so, you ask?  When you’re a mother, you have a limited amount of time to write.  So when I do have a moment to sit down at my laptop, I feel more productive because I know I don’t have time to daydream.

I also don’t torture myself if I can’t find the energy to sit down at my laptop.  It’s not worth it.  If I’m too tired from a full day of work, and two grumpy babies, I give myself a break.  My writing won’t be good if I’m not in the right head space.  I would rather go two weeks without writing (blasphemous, I know), than write crap every day.

So, while my writers hat is one of my favorites, it sometimes has to take a back seat to my motherhood hat.  It’s spackled with baby food and looks worse for wear, but it’s an important one.  One I wouldn’t give up, even if my writers hat has to sit in my closet for awhile.

Mothers Hat (image:
Writers Hat (image:

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