Epic Couples

I’ve decided to start a series.  I thought it would be nice to profile epic couples.  My epic couples:  the couples of fiction, movies, and TV that make my heart flutter.  I’ll talk a little about why I find them so epic, what makes their relationship squeal worthy in my eyes.

The reason I want to talk about my favorite couples is because, as a romance writer, I get inspiration from many sources.  One of the main sources is books, movies, and television.  If there weren’t epic couples to make my stomach jump with butterflies, then I might not write.  That’s how important they are to my process.

(image: books.simonandschuster.com/au)

For my first couple, I went back to my first favorite epic romance: Wuthering Heights.  Though I’ve always been an avid reader, I was never happy to read for school.  I always felt they selected stuffy novels.  This was until I read Wuthering Heights in ninth grade.

It helped that we lived in Yorkshire, which is the setting for the novel.  It also helped that we studied the life of the author, and even got to visit her home.  It gave a 360 perspective on the novel.

It has always been the central romance- between Heathcliff and Catherine- that has gotten all the attention.  While I appreciate a good “crazy” love story, the two main protagonists kind of got on my nerves.  All that struggle could’ve been avoided, in my eyes.

The romance that held me captive in this novel was between Catherine’s daugther, Cathy, and her cousin (I know- ick), Hareton.  Though the whole marrying your cousin thing gives me the heebies, I still love the back and forth between these two characters.  Their relationship had my favorite qualities- witty and engaging banter, personalities that challenge each other, and a forceful affection that they fight, but can’t defeat.  To me, this was an example of the ultimate love story.




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  1. Cheryl Reiss says:

    Can’t wait to see who else gives you butterflies. I have my favorites as well. Maybe siomeday we can compare notes! lol xoxo


    1. lizgehris22 says:

      I would love to share notes! You are more than welcome to add your own :).


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