Epic Couples: The Austen Version

Everyone is probably assuming I’m going to pick Lizzie Bennett and Mr. Darcy.

Aha!  I fooled you!

I could’ve picked this classic duo as one of my epic couples, but I have to go another direction.  Now, I love the pairing just as much as any other avid Austen fan.  I love the tension, the back and forth, and the challenges they represent for each other.  I also love the fire and the sweetness.

But I must confess that another Austen story has gripped me slightly more than Pride & Prejudice.


(image: thesleeplessreader.com)

I first met Persuasion and it’s lovely cast of characters when it became a film on Masterpiece Theater.  Maybe it was the actors that made the story so, ahem, persuasive, but I loved the relationship between Anne Eliot and Frederick Wentworth.

I’m not usually intrigued by stories of lost love and reunions.  I usually like new and exciting.  Anne and Frederick convinced me that weathered and true is not only still as exciting, but worth more in the end.  Their love was enduring- set to last forever.  Nothing was going to change that, not even years of bitterness.

The fact Frederick figures it out on his own is also satisfying.  For a man to figure out his heart on his own, and admit to his pride being wounded, is a thing of miracles.

I also have a feeling that their “make up” was just as passionate as any new love.  Rekindling an old flame, taming the ghost that haunts us all at some point in our lives, that is very fulfilling indeed.  This is why Anne Eliot and Frederick Wentworth is one of my epic couples.


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