Reality Check

I need one this morning.  To get around this blazing full moon we’ve been having.  She was full to popping last night- engorged with chaos.  I question her purpose, but that’s on a whole other philosophical level that we won’t be trying out this morning.

The reality check I need is one of those cat posters- the ones that say “Hang in there”.  I often hold myself to abnormally high standards (as we all do), and I need a good talking to sometimes to put myself right.


Being a writer has helped me take constructive criticism a lot better than I used to.  When I was young, I couldn’t take any comment without turning it into an offense.  Now I see things for what they are- suggestions for improvement, not slights on my person.

This all being said, I need to stop for a moment and realize that  I am doing something that most people never get the nerve to do.  I am putting my creative work out into the world in order to share it with people.  That’s a big step.

No one succeeds without a fight.  This is the reality that I need to remind myself of.  I could be like most people I know- very nice, but happy with their “safe” lives, keeping their innermost dreams a secret, or not pursuing them at all.  But I can’t.  I’ll never be that person.

So I must face the fact that I will come against naysayers, negativity, and people who don’t understand me.  There are way too many individuals, with their own minds, opinions, and likes.  There’s plenty of room for me to succeed, though.

I just need to keep going.


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