Sneak Peek





In anticipation of my forthcoming book release, here is a sneak peek at my story:

             He was farther gone than Wyatt thought. Most amusing was the now-blank stare he directed at her. She hadn’t seen him look so disoriented. It seemed Holden liked to be in control, of not only himself, but his surroundings as well. This look said he lacked this domination, and was also bewildered by it . Poor thing. He was really out of his element.

            Shaking his head out of its reverie, he turned to his door. Blinking his eyes a few times—probably to bring the door into focus—he attempted to fit his key into the knob. Wyatt almost burst out laughing. No matter how hard Holden tried, he just kept missing the hole. He leaned his forehead against the door, maybe thinking about falling asleep there.

            “Here—let me.”

            He didn’t protest when Wyatt took the key from his hand and unlocked the door. Before opening it, she moved him gently aside, so he didn’t fall into the room face first.

            It was dark, but Wyatt didn’t bother trying to find the light switch. Pushing slightly, Holden walked into the apartment, even as he seemed to be in a daze.

    “Are you all right now? Can you get to your room?”

            She assumed he would want to sleep, but Lord knew what men like him preferred. Maybe he didn’t sleep. Maybe he was a creature of the night. Nothing would surprise Wyatt anymore.

            He hadn’t answered and Wyatt was about to leave, having had enough ill treatment from this man for one night. Just as she was going to slip out, Holden turned to her. The look on his face this time made her pause. It was fiery and not in a good way. No, this look spoke of spite and possibly a tendency to court malice. Wyatt felt fear bubble up in her throat.

            Holden did charge at her, but he didn’t lay a finger on her. Instead, he pinned her against the wall, his blazing eyes showering that nastiness down on her. His hands were on either side of her head, imprisoning her in his blame.

            “I’m going to figure out your game. I’m going to find out what you’re doing here, and, when I do, I’m not going to let you get away with it.”             It was Wyatt’s turn to blink, lost for words. She couldn’t understand the loathing dripping from his words. What had she ever done to deserve his wrath?

            “Why are you so hateful, Mr. Bryson?” Wyatt’s voice was small, her hurt muffling her tone.

            The question seemed to resonate through the room. Holden’s eyes lost some of their fervor. It seemed a bit of shame came into them, but he turned away before Wyatt could get a good look.

            Wyatt took this as her dismissal. Holden slowly stepped back from her, standing with his arms limp at his sides.

            “Have a good night,” she said, letting him know she wouldn’t be soiled by his unjustified vehemence.

            Leaving him standing like a rag doll in his apartment, Wyatt went back to her own, not bothering to stop by Colin’s to say good night. She was officially shaken, and to be honest, felt a bit threatened. She was done making friends for the evening; especially now that she had a real enemy.

Stay tuned for more news about my book launch!



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