Accessorizing your Identity

I was musing yesterday morning on my commute to work.

You know those stickers on cars?  The ones that tell you who the driver of the vehicle is?

Flip-flops.  Ron Jon Surf Shop.  The little stick figures of the people and their pets (creepy, I know).  Even the fish symbols (with and without feet).

I don’t have vehicle accessories on my car, but if I did, what would I have?


Well, for starters, it would have nothing to do with summer.  I’m that oddball that prefers to be on the cooler side.  I’d have a tree with falling leaves.  I’d have a steaming cup of coffee.

There would be no stickers hailing a local beach- with images of sand, surf, and boardwalks dancing in your head.  Nope- I’d have a sticker from Iceland or somewhere else Scandinavian.  It would have a smiling person wrapped in reindeer skin on it.

Instead of Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, I’d have a sticker touting the virtues of Betty’s Tea Room in Harrogate, UK.  Scones and Yorkshire Tea trump boardwalk fries any day.

My stick figures would have to be the zombie version I’ve seen on a few vehicles.  Either that or we’d be walking away, with our backs turned.

My fish would be dancing on duck feet.  Just cause.

They’d also have mohawks.


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