Epic Couples: The Nerd Edition: Part 1

Back again with another “Epic  Couples”.  Warning!  I’m about to get pretty geeky up in here. My favorite couples come not only from books, but movies and television shows as well.  They inspire me just as much as a good story. First up- my favorite all time TV couple:  Buffy and Spike of “Buffy the…

Life Update

Time has been slipping between my fingers lately.  Life, it seems, is the hare.  My desire for simplicity is the turtle, begging for levity. I’ve been absent these past few weeks, and for that, I apologize.  Last week my family and I were in Vermont on vacation.  It was the escape I had been craving….

Update on Giveaway! — Of Myths & Men

Sorry, kind readers! I didn’t realize I never gave instructions on how to claim your prize. Please personal message me with the answers to the contest questions. I wouldn’t want someone else to steal your thunder. Thank you! via Update on Giveaway! — Of Myths & Men

Giveaway #1! — Of Myths & Men

In celebration of the launch of the Kindle version of my novel, Of Myths & Men, I wanted to do a quick giveaway to start things off. GIVEAWAY #1: 2 Canvas totes I have two totes to give to the first two people who can answer these two questions- What is the name of […] via…