Epic Couples: The Nerd Edition: Part 1

Back again with another “Epic  Couples”.  Warning!  I’m about to get pretty geeky up in here.

My favorite couples come not only from books, but movies and television shows as well.  They inspire me just as much as a good story.

First up- my favorite all time TV couple:  Buffy and Spike of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

image: bustle.com

Yes, Buffy is my favorite TV show, ever.  I know a lot of closet, and not-so-closet, Buffy fans.  Despite its super corny villains and special effects, it had a lot more depth than the other teeny-bopper shows of the time (even now).  The characters and dialog were witty and relatable.

But I’ve gotten off course.  Spike and Buffy.  When I first started watching the show in college, I loved the dynamic between Buffy and her first vampire love, Angel (who didn’t?).  David Boreanaz was perfect in the tortured role of everyone’s favorite blood-sucker with a soul.

Then he had to leave.  Go off to make his own show.  I was heartbroken.  I refused to watch the other show.  I’m defiant that way.

I was even more saddened by the state of Buffy’s second major relationship- Riley.  Sorry, but I wasn’t impressed.  He was too much of a puppy dog, whining about not being good enough for Buffy.

Then Spike came back.  One of my favorite villains, he’d always had a spark with Buffy.  Of course it was the homicidal kind, but they played off each other well.  I’m sure this was due in large part to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s and James Marsters’ acting compatibility.

But never would I have thought about turning that chemistry into something romantic.  When it was first insinuated in season 4- when Buffy and Spike were cursed into believing they were in love- it was a creepy kind of funny.

Then in season 5, when Spike’s crush is revealed (to him and to everyone else), it started to make sense.  Of course they would be perfect together!  They fire each other up, in good ways and bad.  The sexiness factor came out and my feelings turned towards the Billy Idol lookalike, instead of the dark Angel.

In short, the development of that relationship into something unhealthy, but satisfying, and then later into something shining and good, was one of my absolute favorite transformations in television history.  You saw the human side of Spike, how he became a notorious vampire from a pitiful romantic poet, how he went from disregarding feelings to feeling deeply once again.  You saw how he helped Buffy and her friends, despite being without morals.  You saw how he risked all to gain back a soul, in order to be good enough for her.

Though I absolutely loathed how that show ended (literally the worst series finale ever), I loved how Spike came full circle in the end.  And I was so relieved when he was resurrected on Angel the next year.  Did I watch it then?  Nope.  I wanted to preserve my memories just as they were.


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