My Double Life


Multiple personalities?

No.  Just two sides to my expansive, vibrant personality.

One- City Mouse:


Loves the noise, excitement, lights.  Loves the sour smell of the streets, the hot air of the underground when the trains blow through.

She loves night time.  She loves shop windows.  She loves all things design and color.  The more details, the better.  She loves the energy.

She’s sophisticated, stylish, worldly.

Then there’s- Country Mouse:


She loves quiet, solitude, tranquility.  She loves the sound of wind through the trees, the smell of decaying leaves in the fall, snow in the air, flowers in the spring.  She can lay outside and look up at the sky for hours.  She loves picturesque pastoral scenes.

She loves hiking, ruminating, daydreaming.  She would pack a picnic and read poetry in a field of wildflowers.  She would stand on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, imagining she could fly.

She is romantic, genteel, and philosophical.


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