In Service of the Story

Variety Interview with Amy Adams and Andrew Garfield

Just finished listening to this interview between the actors Amy Adams and Andrew Garfield.  As an aside, these Actor on Actor interviews for Variety magazine are phenomenal.  If you are into the art of acting and movie-making, you will enjoy them.

I also took a lot from them as far as being a writer goes.  This one in particular touches on the art of being in service of a story.

I feel like all mediums of artistic expression are essentially telling a story.  Obviously, writing is literally telling a story.  In acting, you have to interpret a story in a different way.

Amy and Andrew describe acting as an organic calling- you are called to be in service of a character, of a story.  As if it’s a living, breathing entity.  This is how I feel about being a writer.

I didn’t choose to be a writer.  I was born a writer.  One of my purposes is to put on paper the stories that manifest in my mind.  My goal is always to make an impact, to entertain or provoke feeling.

If you are into the profound like me, give these videos a peek.  They were very interesting and insightful.




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