Okay. Now what?

As I approach 2017, I’ve really been looking at my life.  The way it is at this moment in time.

(image: pinterest.com)

I’m approaching 40.  I have an established home, husband/forever relationship, children, friend groups, even pets.  I’ve pretty much figured out “who I am”- I have a distinctive sense of self.  I also have many passions and hobbies that are well-defined.

On the career side of things, I may not be fulfilled, but I’m resolved.  This is to mean, I know my ultimate career goals/dreams, am working towards them, but in the interim have to be okay with a daily-grind kind of job that keeps my family fed and clothed.

Currently, there are a lot of websites dedicated to the twenty-something.  Someone who’s just starting out in adult life: trying to find their way, navigate relationships, determine career goals, etc.  I began to wonder “where are the websites for me?”.

I’m still working on answering this, but this post is really about what I need to do going forward.  What should the theme of 2017 be?


Simple Pleasures

Healthy Living

Grace, Not Perfection

Spiritual Enrichment

These are just some of my ideas, but I wondered if there are others out there like me.  People who have pretty much gotten what they wanted in their twenties, but yearn for something more.

Something intangible.  Just out of our grasp.

Where are you fellow thirty-somethings?


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