My Plate

I read a really great article yesterday about prioritizing in this world of “having it all”.  Here’s the link:

How to Prioritize When Everything is Important by Kate Arends (Wit & Delight)

This struck me hard because I, like many other 30-somethings, am struggling with trying to juggle all the aspects of my life.

Ms. Arends discusses your “plate”- the size and shape of which is different for everyone.  How big is my plate, I wondered?  How much am I capable of taking on before I feel claustrophobic?

That’s what I’m going to determine.

My plate would be compartmentalized and pretty. (image: pretty poodle antiques,

Based on the prompts the author proposed, here are my answers:

Emotionally, I need…My family.  They are my home, my comfort, my joy, and they ground me in times of turbulence.

Physically, I need…Sleep/Alone time.  I couldn’t choose between these two because they are both extremely important at the moment.  Sleep is the obvious choice, and I take it very seriously.  Alone time may not seem like a physical need, but for me it is.  It’s as essential to my physical health as it is to my mental health because, right now, my physical health is being governed by my mental state.

Intellectually, I need…Stimulation.  I almost said “creativity”, but that was too limiting a word.  I think stimulation encompasses my need for space and time to explore the world- read, travel, go on creative excursions, and, of course, write.  In order to fuel my mind, I must have plenty of stimulation.  Without it, I go stagnant.

Now to prioritize my list:

  1. Family
  2. Sleep/Alone time
  3. Stimulation

It ended up staying in the same order.  I almost put Stimulation before Sleep/Alone Time, but I had to be honest with myself.  Though Stimulation is essential to my happiness, my physical health must be in tiptop shape so that I can take in the inspiration and stimulation in a productive way.

What would your plate look like?  What do you need to concentrate on in 2017?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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