Inspiration: “Stoker” the movie

I had forgotten all about this film until I recently recommended it to a friend of mine.  The movie itself- while beautifully acted and gorgeous in cinematography- is extremely creepy.  Creepy in that way that it could be true.  Creepy in that way where you want to look away, but you can’t.

So I recommended it to a friend who enjoys creepy/gory movies.  Have at it!

This said, one thing that stuck with me from this movie was it’s exquisite set and costume design.  If color could take center stage, it did in this film.  It was rich with hue.  Each color seemed to represent something.  I’m sure I could spend days trying to figure out the point behind them.

Rather than digress, I wanted to share my favorite scenes from the movie:


As you can see, the style and design are curated very well.  These facsimiles really don’t do it justice, so you must go out and see it.

I was so inspired (again), that I put together one of my “Inspired By” collages.  This time, it’s inspired by the movie Stoker.  Enjoy!


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