I’ve Seen the Light

halcyoncountry2Today I discovered my favorite light.  I’d been thinking about  my favorite time of day, when it occurred to me that it’s more about the light.  Twilight is definitely high up the list.

But it doesn’t quite strike the right chord.

Today I found it- my favorite light.  It was unusually warm for a winter’s day (this whole week is supposed to be balmy).  The temp was in the upper 50’s and the air had a blissful breeze in it.

As I walked my twins up the road, basking in this air, I took notice of the light.  The sun was bright- lending its warmth- and it dappled through the trees of our forest perfectly.  As it’s still winter, the sun isn’t as warm as it would be in the summer, when its close and high.

It was just peeking in for a mid-winter chat, a promise to return in another month.  I thought of it as a “half light”, a harbinger of spring.

This light made me think of many things.  Spring, of course, but also memories.  Discovering wonders in a wooded gully, walking through a military housing development in a C.S. Lewis fantasy.  There were always wardrobes to open, corners and groves to disappear around.  There was scampering around a Victorian town, feeling like a grown-up, a million miles away from “typical American life”.  There was innocence, and wisdom.  It is an elixir I’ve been looking years for.

A plane flew overhead as I watched my children frolic in our yard.  The shadows of the clouds whisked past, like the fast-moving clouds of my youth.  If only a meadow of heather had sprouted at our feet.  If only the hills rolled up behind us, beautiful, expansive, and ancient.




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