Weekend Roundup

I’ve been seeing a lot of good stuff on the web recently, so I wanted to share.

DIY Terrazzo Earrings
(image: ctrlcurate.com)
  1.  Though I want to try out all of them, the ice cream shops of D.C. in this article are really calling my name.  (They forgot Dolcezza, however, which is a great oversight)
  2. As it’s my wedding anniversary today, I was thinking about the types of gifts I’d love to receive from my spouse.  This is the type of chocolate I’d want.  These are the flowers I’d want.  And, if he was so inclined, this tea would be fabulous.
  3. This DIY looks awesome!  Makes me want to go out and buy clay.
  4. I’ve “rediscovered” a singer, who was on my IPod as one of ITunes’ free singles from a few years ago, but I’d never really listened to it.  Laura Welsh is an English indie musician and I’m really digging her sound.  I have her on my Spotify right now and it really suits my mood.  She’s a little bit Florence & the Machine, a little bit Banks, with nice R&B beats.

Have a great weekend!


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