Girls Who Travel

I just finished reading an interview with one of my new favorite authors: Nicole Trilivas:

Interview with Nicole Trilivas on “The Fly Away Life”


Her novel, Girls Who Travel, is one of my new favorite books.  It’s funny, real, detailed in all the best ways, and has characters you want to know.  I’d been having a hard time finding good chick lit recently, and this hit the spot.

When I came across this interview on Twitter, I had to read it.  I love getting insight into other authors (makes me feel like I’m not alone).  I loved how Nicole talked about travel-themed fiction.

I’ve always hated how I feel I’m not “allowed” to go into detail about the locations I write about.  I can write brief descriptions, but it always feels you are dissuaded from using the setting as a main piece of your novel.  I feel a location is like another character, personally, but the industry thinks it’s too much like a travel guide.

I feel like Nicole has touched on something I’ve wanted to write for years.  I believe I will use her example to write the travel-themed novel that’s always been in my heart.

Thanks, Nicole, for putting into words the novel I’ve always wanted to read.


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