As a writer, I’m always very aware of cliches.  Especially in the form of characters.

Cliche characters are all over the place.  We can’t escape them.  Sometimes they’re tiresome, but a lot of times they’re comforting.  Like a security blanket.   We know how they’re going to act, what they’re likely to say.  It’s familiar.

But we don’t want them all the time.  We like to be surprised.  We like mystery, someone with a dark side.  We want the ice cream truck driver, who strips on the side.

I think about this in regards to the people around me as well.  We surround ourselves with a variety of characters.  The cliches (Jocks, Pricks, Pretty Bitches, Mean Bitches, Corporate Bitches, Nice Girls, Sweet Boys), they are the security blankets, right?  We know what to expect.  We keep a few hot heads and neurotics around because they spice up the mix.

Have you ever thought about yourself in terms of cliches?  I have- quite a lot.

I am a walking contradiction.  I’m a Nerdy Fashionista.  How’s that for messed up Mr. Potato Head?  Give me the flowered hat and the buck tooth.

I love shopping, clothes.  Everyone knows I own way too much jewelry.  I love fashion magazines and looking at what’s on the runway.

I’m also in LOVE with fantasy and sci-fi.  Have been all my life.  I watch mostly sci-fi TV programs.  I LOVE fantasy and sci-fi movies.  I also enjoy fantasy novels.  Most importantly, I write fantasy novels.

But, they always have an element of style, my stories.  Because as much as I’m a nerd, I’m also a fashionable one.  Never fight your cliche.  Or your mystery.


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