Caged In

Just a stream of consciousness musing on the state of some of my affairs:

Image result for birdcage
(image: Dustan Townsend)

Tell me what to do,

Since you know so much better than me.

Show me how to be an acceptable human in your eyes.

I know I only make bad decisions,

Because that’s the only thing I’ve ever been told.

I realize I’ll never add up, come close.

It was a losing battle at the beginning.

I’m not trying anymore, but you persist.

Unrelenting judgment and scrutiny.

How dare I want the same things.

How dare I not always think of you.

But that’s what I am, aren’t I?

A reflection on you.

Something to mold, something to hold up higher.

One day, I’ll leave.

I’ll leave and not tell you where I’m going.

Then I’ll finally be free.


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