The Essence of Travel

Just came upon this article today:

A Love Letter to Paris

It really hit on the purpose of travel.  What does travel bring to your life?  What makes the airfare worth it?

To me, it’s about discovering a place.  The life and breath of a dot on the map.  Cities and towns are like organisms- very human in their scope.  In the extensiveness of their personalities.

Did you notice Paris winks at you at dusk?  Did you see London give a cheeky smirk when you came around the corner and saw the monumental buildings fly into view?

New York City is most certainly a woman, her boroughs the multiple facets of her psyche.  She entices with that apple, but always pulls it away at the last minute.

What this article really touches on, though, is the people.  The people who have learned to wrangle these places.  They have tamed the beasts.  They surf the tides.  Watching their emotions, the way they go about their lives, is a special experience all in itself.  This is what the author alludes to.

I couldn’t agree more.

All those lives…(image:

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  1. pedrol says:

    interesting essay about travelling 🙂 about me, i´m a very curious person and i love to travel to walk the streets, talk with locals and discover their food. in the last years i´ve travelled a lot and discovered many different kind of places… also, i´ve been in cities that i didn´t felt so excited, so it didn´t match my expectations… anyway, i love to travel and i know i´ll never stop 🙂 regards from Lisbon, PedroL


    1. lizgehris22 says:

      Thanks pedrol! Lisbon is on my travel bucket list. I can’t say I’ve been disappointed yet by anywhere I’ve been, but I have definitely been surprised. Thanks for sharing!

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