Hear Me Out: In Defense of Romance Books



I just read this article:

Hear Me Out: Why You Should Be Reading Romance Novels

It’s an interesting read, especially if you’ve always thought romance novels aren’t your thing.

Of course, I support the notion that Romance Novels Could Save The Planet because I write them.

But, as a reader of romance, I truly feel like it’s gotten a bad rep.  Relationships are a huge part of life.  Everyone ends up wanting a companion and these books address the crazy process of finding one that fits your needs.

Those needs just happen to be modern now and- I can confirm this!- writers know those needs have changed.  No longer do we need a man/woman to “save us”.  We no longer define relationships by antiquated ideals or expectations.  Knowing this, most writers no longer write those kinds of stories.

And there is depth to these novels.  There is plot and meaning and intense character development.  You don’t need to bawl your eyes out to feel emotional fulfilled by a novel.  Trust me.


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