Defining Home


homeJust read this article:

On Finding my Way Home

Home has been a topic that I’ve dissected many times.  It’s a theme in my novels.  To most people, it’s close to the heart.

This article spoke of how it feels to be in limbo.  Feeling as if you don’t belong in your “home” country, but you also don’t quite belong to your country of choice.  It is a constant battle for me.

I’m glad to be American, in some ways.  In some ways, I want to run the other way, covering my face.  Being an ex-military brat, I have a much different perspective- one that takes in the global view rather than the more narrow nationalist view.  I travel.  I want my children to experience the world.  This is, at my core, an essential part of me.

Would I become a citizen of another country?  Quite possibly.  Because it’s never been a real option, I’ve never had to seriously contemplate the feeling.  I just know I’d like to see if I could be happy somewhere else for the long term.

England, do you want me?

Will I be okay staying here, always being American?  Yes, absolutely.  At the end of the day, I have made a home here.  It may not have a lot of roots.  It may be easy to move.  But it is certainly filled with loyalty and pride.

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