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In the Stars 2


I’m posting my latest novel, In the Stars, on Wattpad.  If you like fantasy, science fiction, and romance, give it a shot.  If you like all three, you definitely should check it out!

Here’s a synopsis:

What would you do if you found your name and address written on a toilet stall?  Would you call the number they left? 

Charlotte Fletcher didn’t want to.  She wanted to pretend it was a hallucination.  Kind of like the medieval guy who haunted her dreams.  The one that told her she wasn’t who she thought she was.  What did he know anyway?

She comes to find out he knows more about her than she does.  He knows that her parents, who died when she was little, weren’t just scientists.  He also knows she has a legacy and a destiny that puts her in peril.  For there are evil people who would exploit her gift, to bring terror to the world. 

And one of those evil people just might be her new boss.

Let me know what you think!

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