What I’ve Been Doing

Besides adulting, I’ve been busy with trying to figure out who I am as a writer.  As the seasons change, so do my writerly aspirations.

This said, I’ve been reading A LOT.  After getting back from vacation, I couldn’t seem to put down a book before moving to another.  I realized the other day that I’d never discussed my favorite series (of which several had new books at the beginning of 2019).

I thought I’d share them with you, in the event you haven’t discovered them for yourself yet.  Here are my favorite series of late:

  1. The Veronica Speedwell Mysteries, by Deanna Raybourn
(image: amazon.com)

A Dangerous Collaboration is the fourth book in this series.  If you like Victorian mysteries starring female sleuths, then give Veronica a try.  It feels a bit steampunk, yet there’s no fantasy.  It feels fantastical anyway because of the details Deanna Raybourn paints with her words.  Great characters, witty banter, quirky scenarios, and sexual tension that lasts through all the novels so far.

2. Charlotte Holmes series, by Brittany Cavallaro

(image: amazon.com)

The Charlotte Holmes series is in a class of its own, in my opinion.  Marketed as a young adult series, it feels very adult to me.  The themes are caught in that in-between world between teen and adult, but the way the characters interact feels decidedly mature.  Much like you’d expect from Sherlock Holmes, the character of Charlotte is sharp and has the perfect mix of insouciance and detachment.  Her relationship with the character Jamie Watson is what makes these novels so great.  The mysteries are ho-hum, though they can be quite intense (especially for a YA novel), but there aren’t many twists.  That said, they are still very enjoyable, if not just for the well-done angst between the two main characters.  The fourth book, A Question of Holmes, is seemingly the last.  It was nicely wrapped up in the four novels, I feel.

3. The Rivers of London series, by Ben Aaronovitch

(image: amazon.com)

The Rivers of London series has it all.  Seriously: fantasy, romance, history, mystery, suspense, comedy.  Everything.  The main plot, as well as the individual plots in each novel that tie together, are very inventive.  And though the theme of magic is very prevalent in literature today, the way Mr. Aaronovitch uses it is unique and fresh.  An all-rounder.


I hope you find my recommendations interesting.  I know I always enjoy finding new novels, especially series.


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