Hypothetical Living

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I’ve been doing a bout of soul-searching.  Seemed appropriate in my 40th year.  One of the things I’ve realized is how much I like to live in the “possible”.

Do you ever think “wouldn’t it be nice if this is what my life looked like”?  For instance- owning your own business, buying your dream house, finding your soul mate, traveling more, etc.  I think everyone can say there is something that fills our hearts with happiness, but that seems like it will always be out of our reach.

To be fair, I’ve achieved a lot of the things I wanted out of life.  I did find my soul mate.  I have my children, my pets, and a house that I truly love (even if it’s on the small side).  I have a job I don’t hate, and tons of hobbies that keep me very busy when I happen to have free time.  I also have a great group of friends.

There are even dreams that I’ve realized- even if not in the way I thought I would.  I published a novel.  It may have been self-published- and I certainly didn’t make any money off it- but it was still a dream I fulfilled.

Even still…there’s always a yearning.  Something you feel will never be attainable.

For me, that’s several things.  In my hypothetical world, I’d own a boutique, where I’d sell my own jewelry designs, as well as things I love.  I would have a house that’s slightly bigger than the one I currently have, but it would have loads of charm and character, good bones, and details.  I would be able to afford good furniture that reflected the lifestyle I want to live.  I would have a landscaped garden and nice patio furniture where I could laze away a weekend while my children ran around.  I would make trips to the farmers markets and whole foods grocery stores (where I could afford the healthy, organic food).  We would travel at least once a year, to someplace new and exciting.  We would have the space and money to be able to foster children who need a home, and take in more pets.

These might sound frivolous and even small to some, but it’s my hypothetical life.  It reflects who I am now (my perspective) and who I’d like to be.

What I would like to work towards is making this hypothetical life a reality.  How do you push through the doubt and fear and really go for it?

I don’t have the answer yet, but I do know it takes a lot of self-work.  It takes a lot of planning, but also forward-momentum.

Are you stuck somewhere and don’t know how to move towards your “hypothetical goals”?

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