The Irony: Losing your Passion in Pursuit of it


Just read a really good article about how side hustling is killing our creative vibes. I totally agree.

I remember a time (fondly) when I used to write with abandon. I got an idea and I ran hard with it. I was in love. Seriously. My world revolved around my story.

Now that I’ve entered the publishing realm- the Land of No Return- I feel as if someone has stolen my fire. I criticize all of my ideas, pit it against what’s going on in the “industry”. Inevitably, everything I want to write about isn’t good enough.

Then, when I do get an idea that I believe has merit, it doesn’t take long for me to question it. Usually by chapter four or five. Then I put it down and wallow. I go back and forth between partially done novels constantly now.

I wish I’d never gotten serious about publishing. I wish I still wrote for myself.

Hoping I can get back there one day.

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